Beer Yoga Lesson on 21. October vs. Ehime FC

On 21. October vs Ehime FC, we will hold a “Beer Yoga Lesson” again which was held as the first time in last September.
It is said that the “Beer Yoga” was born in one of the biggest beer consumer country, Germany. Since its pictures are very impressive, it has been spread internationally through SNS to Switzerland, Australia, Great Britain and Japan.
As clear by its name, it is done drinking beer, but those two weren’t combined just because it would be funny. It aims achieving higher relaxation and happiness through the combination of the philosophy of Yoga and the joy of drinking beer.
And another notable characteristic of beer yoga is, that the participants work on yoga all together with chatter and laughter.
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As the previous time, of course we offer you “Bellmare Beer” of our official club partner Sanktgallen Brewery. “Bellmare Beer” is kind of sweets beer, brewed using rare and new orange “Shonan Gold” which was invented in Kanagawa and still now produced only in Shonan region.
The lesson will be leaded by Mr. Keisuke KIKUDA, who took charge of the last time.
We will welcome all football fans, beer fans, yoga fans and yoga beginners.
We’re looking forward for your joining!
◆Sponsored by
Sanktgallen Brewery
◆Corresponding Match
2017 MEIJI YASUDA J2 League 38th sec. vs. Ehime FC
Saturday 21 October 4.00pm kick off
Hiratsuka-shi Sogo Koen, Harappa
(Hiratsuka City Park, grass ground)
Ohara 1-1, Hiratsuka 254-0074
2.20 pm〜3.10 pm
50 min.
(Please process the checking in and payment by 2.10 pm)
One bottle of beer is included.
- beer yoga lesson only … ¥1,000 / person
- with football ticket … ¥3,000 / person
* you may choose your seat from main stand, back stand or standing area(except reserved seats and away visitor area)
◆Number of capacity:
30(participants will be determine by the order of application)
Mr. Keisuke KIKUDA
◆Things to prepare
Clothe which don’t bother your move.
Yoga mat or bath towel
* We don’t have locker room
◆How to apply for
① in advance(application closing on: 20. October, 6.00 pm)
Please send an Email to with the title “Beer Yoga vs. Ehime” and contents below:
1. Your name
2. Age
3. Address
4. Phone number
5. the gate of ticket(if you apply for with ticket)
*We will reply your applying mail as a confirmation. Please make sure that your Email server can receive Emails from
② on the day
We will accept additional applicant at the booth (21. October, from 12.00 pm), only in case there is vacancy.


「We are looking for participants of an exhibition match of our home game on 21. October!」

Shonan Bellmare would like to make an announcement that we will have a “International Day”, aiming to promote international exchanges, on our home game vs. Ehime FC on 21 October.
One of our mission is to connect people through sports. Soccer is a common language that all of the kids in the world understand.
Aiming that children can communicate with each others through soccer in a multicultural environment, we want to invite kids from Shonan area (both Japanese and foreign) to hold Sagami Sekiyu Exhibition Match as Kids International Day as well.
We are waiting for you to join.
日本語での案内はこちら →
◆Day: 21. October J League Division 2 Shonan Bellmare vs Ehime FC(Kick Off 16:00)
◆Place: Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka
◆Number of partisipants: 64
*If more people are applying for than 64, the participants will be arranged by drawing lots.
◆Target participants: children in 3rd – 6th grade
◆Prize for participation:
An inviting ticket of Shonan Bellmare vs Ehime FC
◆Time Table
13:00 Assemble
14:10〜14:25 First half of the match
14:35〜14:50 Second half of the match
15:00 Dismiss
◆Dear families of participants
The match can be watched by the stadium stand.
The entrance ticket of Shonan Bellmare vs Ehime FC is needed, even if you only want to watch the exhibition match.
We offer special discounted ticket for you.
Discounted price(non reserved seat only):
Main stand adult: ¥1,900 / Main stand kids(elementary〜highschool students) ¥600
◆How to apply for
Please send an Email to with contents below
①name of applicant
②grade of applicant
③nationality of applicant
④phone number with which we can contact with you
⑤number of buying ticket
*Please send one application mail for one applicant.
*Please make sure that your Email server can receive Emails from you won’t know even if your child could get the position.)
◆Application closing on: 6. October 13:00
The exhibition match might be cancelled due to weather or field grass condition.
In that case, we will inform you via Email.


Special discounted tickets for non-Japanese
on 21. October vs. Ehime FC

We are going to hold an “International Day” on our home game vs. Ehime FC on 21 October.
We offer special discounted tickets for non-Japanese for this match. We are also preparing several international events, which can be enjoyed by both children and adults.
Further information about “International Day” and events will be released within several days.
Please look forward to it!
◆Corresponding match
2017 MEIJI YASUDA J2 League 38th sec. vs. Ehime FC
Saturday 21 October 4.00pm kick off
All seats except reserved seats are available.
Students(elementary〜high school):¥500
※You may choose your seats from main stand, back stand or standing area(except reserved seats and away visitor area)
◆Friends discount
When you are with Japanese friends, they can also get the same discount! Bring your friends and share the excitements with them!!
※Friends discount is valid for up to 3 Japanese for one non- Japanese
◆How to buy
①Through website(Pre-selling ticket)

and select the ticket type.
②Directly at the Stadium(only on October 21st)
Please note that your Passport / nationality ID is needed to be shown when you’re entering the stadium.